Arne Kutzner (PhD)


Phone +82 2 2220 2397

Computational Genomics

I am currently exclusively active in the field of computational genomics. In our workgroup we have ongoing projects in the areas:

  • Big data genomic analyses
  • Gene prediction and multiple sequence alignments
  • High performance cluster analysis for Klee-diagrams

Interested students should contact me for more details and available opportunities in our workgroup.

In-place Merging Algorithm Benchmarking Tool

Below you can download a small Visual C++ project for benchmarking in-place merging algorithms. Some Notes:

  • The zip file contains a Visual C++ 2008 project. However, the C++ code should be easily portable to other platforms/compilers as e.g. gcc.
  • I created this project for getting an impression of the run-time behavior of my published in-place merging algorithms. Any use of this code in productive environments is, at least currently, not advisable.
  • There comes a small documentation with the benchmarking tool. Some LNCS papers on algorithms implemented as part of the tool can be found here.
  • A comprehensive description of the fully optimal in-place algorithms can be found here.

Download (Version 0.2 – 2011/08/03):

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