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Klaus Heese (PhD)


Phone : +82 2 2220 0398 ; Office: FTC 12th floor , Room No 1209-15

Department of Biomedical Science
Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering

Prof. Heese received a MSc in Chemistry (Germany) and a PhD in Biochemistry (Switzerland). Prof. Heese has been a member of Hanyang University since Sept. 2012. His research fields are Molecular, Cellular and Systems Biology.

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Arne Kutzner (PhD)


Phone +82 2 2220 2397 ; Office: ITBT 7th floor , Room No 714

Prof. Kutzner received a PhD in Computer Science. He has been Professor at Hanyang University since 2009. His research fields are algorithms and computational genomics.

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David Phillip Wagner (PhD)

Associate Professor

Phone +82 2 2220 2324

Prof. Wagner received a PhD in Computer Science. He has been Professor at Hanyang University since 2014. His primary research is into Algorithms and their Complexity. The focus of his research activities is now on computational genomics.

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Sejun Yoon

Assistant (Prof. Kutzner)

Phone 010-5699-7692

Mr. Yoon has been working as assistant for Prof. Kutzner since spring term 2018.

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Ho Thi Thanh Nguyen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Characterization of tumorigenic FAM72 (p17) using molecular, cellular and bio-computational tools.

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Markus Schmidt

MSc-PhD Student

Phone +82 2 2220 2397

Mr. Schmidt is a PhD candidate, who started working as a research student in spring 2015 and joined the combined Master-PhD program in 2017. He is expected to graduate in February 2021. His research interests are within the topics of

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한형서 (Han Hyung-Seo)

Research Student

Hyung-Seo Han has been research student since June. 2018. He is currently working on the topic: “AI driven gene splicing”.

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Nguyen Hoang Anh Tuan

PhD student


Nguyen Hoang Anh Tuan has been member of the ITBE research group since Sep. 2021.