Simón A. Serka Jiliberto

Research project title: p60TRP & Cancer

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Yanuar Alan Sulistio

Mr. Sulistio worked on his PhD during 2013–2016. His research interests were within the topics of iPS cells, molecular neurobiology and cell signaling.

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Subrata Pramanik

Mr. Pramanik worked on his PhD during 2014–2017 on bio-computational protein structure and function analyses.

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Arne Kutzner (PhD)

Prof. Kutzner received a PhD in Computer Science. He has been Professor at Hanyang University since 2009. His research fields are algorithms and computational genomics.

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Klaus Heese (PhD)

Department of Biomedical Science
Graduate School of Biomedical Science & Engineering

Prof. Heese received a MSc in Chemistry (Germany) and a PhD in Biochemistry (Switzerland). Prof. Heese has been a member of Hanyang University since Sept. 2012. His research fields are Molecular, Cellular and Systems Biology.

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