p48ZnF mouse model

Our transgenic neuronal p48ZnF bioluminescence mouse model allows the study of higher brain functions in vivo in living mice. Neuron-specific over-expression of p48ZnF in the mouse brain. Differential Response in Transgenic and Wild Type Mice Neurons to Glutamate Stimulation: Current

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p60TRP mouse models

Our transgenic neuronal p60TRP bioluminescence mouse model allows in vivo analysis in living animals. Our transgenic p60TRP mice allow in vivo analysis in living mice to study memory & learning effects, as well as higher brain cognitive functions Neuron-specific over-expression

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In-place Merging Algorithm Benchmarking Tool

Below you can download a small Visual C++ project for benchmarking in-place merging algorithms.Some Notes: The zip file contains a Visual C++ 2008 project. However, the C++ code should be easily portable to other platforms/compilers as e.g. gcc. I created this

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