Biomedical Engineering – Biochemistry CHM4006

here are the NEW revised VERSION 3 (V3) introduction lecture notes L1:  BME-biochem-1-intro-1-kh-v3 ;

This version V3 has the new student name who is in charge of collecting ppt-files   ;

here the next lecture notes for this semester:

here are some key overview-goal slides:   BME-biochem-1-to-6-overview goal slides;

here are the  lecture notes L2:   BME-biochem-2-biomolecules-kh;

here are the  lecture notes L3:  BME-biochem-3-kh-enzymes-kh ;

here are the  lecture notes L4-1:   BME-biochem-4-1-Bio-Energy-deltaG-kh;

here are the  lecture notes L4-2:  BME-biochem-4-2-Cellular Membrane Transport-kh ;

here are the  lecture notes L4-3: optional , further readings:   BME-biochem-4-3-CHO-Glycogen-kh ;

here are the  lecture notes L5-1:  BME-biochem-5-1-ATP-ADP-Cycle-kh ;

here are the  lecture notes L5-2:  BME-biochem-5-2-Cellular Energetics-2-kh ;

here are new  lecture notes L5-2b:   BME-biochem-5-2b-Neuroenergy-kh-s ;

here are the  lecture notes L5-3: optional , further readings:   BME-biochem-5-3-fat-kh ;

here are the  lecture notes L6:  BME-biochem-6-kh-Photosynthesis ;


here are some general revised exam instructions: (tentatively):   BIOCHEM-CHM4006-exam instructions-revised;


you are welcome to attend:

speaker:  Prof. Arne Kutzner / Mr Markus Schmidt (Dept of Information Systems, HYU):

date: 04. December 2017

venue: ITBT (building No 305): Room No: 203

time: 15:00 – 15:30

Title: Bioinformatics and Programming applications in Biology, Genomics and Genetics 

keywords: Computational Genetics, Gene Prediction, Taxonomies, Big Data Analysis, Algorithms and Complexity, AI;


invited speaker:  Dr. Bradley Baker (KIST, Center for Functional Connectomics, Seoul):

date: 04. December 2017

venue: FTC building: Room No: 1114 or 1116

time: 17:00 – 18:00

Title: Functional Connectomics and Imaging in neurons

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