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In-place Merging Algorithm Benchmarking Tool

Below you can download a small Visual C++ project for benchmarking in-place merging algorithms.Some Notes: The zip file contains a Visual C++ 2008 project. However, the C++ code should be easily portable to other platforms/compilers as e.g. gcc. I created this

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Analysis of structure and function of the gene FAM72

FAM72A­Zn2+ and RSM interactions. A) Zn2+-binding sites are shown on the developed 3D FAM72A protein structure. Suggested Zn2+-binding sites on the FAM72A protein are Csy18, Cys21, Cys74, and Cys77. B) The RSM ((2s)-2-(acetylamino)-Nmethyl-4-[(R)-methylsulfinyl] butanamide)-binding sites are shown on the developed

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